Barbak pad IRHFree ride Navy (F/S)


Bareback pad with v-girth technique. The billets are placed on the pad with more space between them and because of that the pressure on the back of the horse is better divided. The bareback pad has more space around the withers so there is less pressure when the rider is pulling on the handle. Because there is more space at the withers the horse has more freedom for movement. The bareback pad has a 25 mm foam filling on the seat of the rider and in the rest of the pad there is a 35 mm foam filling so that the rider can easily stay in the correct position. The bareback pad is made off polyester fake suede en fake fur for extra comfort.The extra webbing patch attaching the girth straps increases durability to withhold load of up to 214kg.

Merke: Imperial Riding

EAN: 8714184900842

SKU: ZT78123000-5001-F_S

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